Reach your fitness goals with Fitway

Fitway is an extensive yet simple workout app. No matter what your level is, Fitway is made for you. Whether you want to gain muscles, lose weight fast, improve your cardio or just track your gym workout, Fitway makes it easier.

Video Exercises

Each workout exercise is presented with instructions and done by real personal trainers to make sure you do the right moves.

Fast Result Programs

If you want to achieve results fast and prefer to follow a plan, do one of Fitway’s pre-made programs to get a six pack, lose belly weight or get a Brazilian Butt.

Muscle Map

Not sure how to build certain types of muscles? Fitway makes it easy for you to find out which exercises you need to do to grow muscles on any part of your body with a simple human muscle map.

Workout Tracker

To achieve goals you need to track your efforts. Use Fitway to log your exercise in a simple and quick way.

Body Stats

Follow your progress with Fitway: weight, fat percentage, neck size, chest, waist, hips, biceps, thighs, calves.

Designed for you!

Every feature of Fitway is designed with practical use in mind. No cluttered design or needless esthetics: this app is simple and functional. It will be your best buddy during your workout.

Get started today!

Fitway is a fitness app that helps you exercise more effectively and keep track of your progress. Download the app and start reaching your fitness goals today.